• Congratulations to Peyton Caster and Samantha Freehling for being announced as September/October 2023 Seniors of the Month.



    We are proud to announce Peyton Caster as SHS's Senior of the Month

    Peyton Caster

    Throughout his years at Schaumburg High School, Peyton has proven to be a leader both in the classroom and out. He has maintained a high academic standing despite the time that he devotes to many outside activities. He has successfully balanced a strenuous academic load with significant volunteer activities both within as well as outside the school. Peyton’s hard work, coupled with his willingness to help others, has distinguished him as a worthy recipient of this recognition.

    In the classroom, Peyton’s success has been extraordinary in its scope. His success has spanned diverse academic fields, which is a testament to his hard work and drive to succeed. As Mrs. Lopez notes, “Peyton brings an academic curiosity that elevates each classroom he enters. His focus on learning and his infectious enthusiasm make every class better. He constantly impressed me with the variety of questions he asked, as they indicated how much he followed his academic interests beyond the classroom walls. ” He is a member of the National Honor Society, as well as the recipient of a Saxon Pride Award and eight Scholastic Achievement Awards.

    It’s challenging to find an area of student life in which Peyton does not participate. He is an athlete, representing SHS in wrestling and Cross Country. He has found success in competitive activities, placing 7th in State for Financial Analysis Team and 8th in State for Accounting through BPA. He is a member of SALT, Engineering Club, Fishing Club, and Student Ambassadors. Peyton credits his organizational and time management efforts with allowing him to continue such impressive involvement. Peyton is happiest when he is engaged, and his energy and drive are exceptional among the student body.

    Amazingly, Peyton has found time outside of his involvement and superb class work to be of service in the community. He is the first to volunteer when help is needed, and he has twice helped Special Spaces construct dream bedrooms for children fighting cancer. Mrs. Lopez notes, “Peyton’s enthusiasm at Special Spaces was impressive. His willingness to learn new skills to perfect young Abigail’s dream room made him indispensable.” Peyton brings his considerable skill, intellect, and good humor to any task he encounters.

    On the personal level, Peyton’’s enthusiasm for life and significant work ethic have earned for him the admiration of his peers. He has embraced his high school years with enthusiasm, and is truly a leader among the student body. Peyton hopes to continue his academic career by attending the U.S. Air Force Academy and plans to major in Electrical or Aerospace Engineering. Peyton is an involved and talented individual, and we are proud to announce his selection as Senior of the Month.

    Congratulations to Peyton Caster on the well-deserved honor of being named Schaumburg High School’s September/October 2023 Senior of the Month.



    We are proud to announce Samantha Freehling as SHS's Senior of the Month.

    Samantha Freehling

    Teachers often discuss what a privilege it is to watch students learn and grow. Over the course of four critical years, people navigate life as they transition from children to young adults. Few, however, are ever tested as Sam. Those of us who have had the privilege of working with her are proud to see her rise to her current heights.

    As a senior, Sam has become a leader in a variety of groups around SHS. She currently serves as: the newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief—and is SHS’s representative in the D211 Press Corps, Vice President of St. Baldrick’s, a member in Saxons LEAD, and participates in Student Council. Once you get to know her, you learn that Sam is genuinely interested and invested in the people around her and she wants to work with and help as many as possible. But she’s no mere dilettante padding her extracurriculars; she remains deeply committed to her studies.

    An active member of the SHS Orchestra, Sam is an accomplished musician who not only performs in that group and the Spring Musical, but has even been inducted into the Tri-M Music. Society. Her academic prowess is evident as she’s even secured a spot in the Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society. All this, while taking advanced coursework and earning top grades.

    “Sam is an extraordinary student and an even better person. Although she’s not the loudest person in any classroom, she’s a clear leader [who] deservedly has the respect of classmates and teachers, and she is headed to great success at the next level,” says Ms. Lopez. It can be tempting to see these accomplishments and cynically presume that such success is the result of selfish pursuit of grades at the cost of ignoring the world around us.

    Sam, however, is uniquely aware of the importance of helping those in need of assistance. She helps in academic spaces but feels compelled to reach out to others beyond the school. Sam serves as a St. Alexius Hospital Volunteer, she writes cards to pediatric cancer patients through Letters for Destiny, and she works with the Special Spaces group to renovate and redecorate the bedrooms of children who are currently battling cancer. Sam is driven to help sick children because she has experienced the ravages of cancer firsthand.

    After Sam was diagnosed with cancer, she did her utmost to stay connected to her school and her studies. While recovering, teachers even had to go so far as to admonish her because she was doing too much work. But Sam understands that she was able to persevere because of the help she received from those around her. Aside from the medical professionals, family, and friends, support groups and special Spaces, in particular, made a significant impact on her. Reflecting on the experience of her peers coming with Special Spaces to redecorate her room, Sam noted, “following the end of my chemotherapy treatment, it helped me feel supported by the community, which was especially important because cancer is such an isolating experience.”

    And so, when discussing Sam’s accomplishments and her qualities, it’s easy for the conversation to steer itself to her amazing recovery during her courageous struggle against cancer. But to reduce her identity to that one facet is a severe mistake. She has been inspired by that experience to transcend that chapter of her life and help others.

    Looking ahead, Sam is planning on attending a university where she can pursue either the field of aviation or psychology on her way to someday becoming a published author. These wildly different pursuits illustrate the wide-ranging talent and potential that she has. Both will help her on her quest to “experience as much of the world as possible.”

    From another student, statements like that could be dismissed as mere fantasies. But Sam has the drive and sense of balance that is required to make those goals a reality. She understands that doing her best work demands physical as well as mental well-being. Sam also realizes that while she has learned to be independent, it’s necessary to reach out to people around her for help. Success is important, but establishing a support system that encourages healthy growth is an integral part of that path. These are lessons that many do not learn to verbalize until they are long in the tooth, but Sam is wise beyond her years.

    Please join me in congratulating Samantha Freehling!


    Congratulations, Samantha Freehling, on being named Schaumburg High School's September/October 2023 Senior of the Month!






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