• Schaumburg High School is proud to recognize Donald McCormick as October 2020 Senior of the month

    Donald McCormick -Senior of the Month - October 2020 His positivity, involvement, and compassion make Don McCormick an excellent representation of a Schaumburg Saxon.

    How does Don achieve his success? Simply put - his attitude.  Don tries to challenge himself every day and takes positive risks.  He reflects, “I tell myself that no matter what, I can’t miss the opportunities that I’m given no matter how tired I am or stressed it will all be worth it when I can look back and say “Hey I did that” rather than thinking “Hey I should’ve done that.” 

    As an involved Saxon, Don’s impact is undefinable. He is devoted to the arts and exudes school spirit.  Whenever Schaumburg High School calls, Don answers and gives his best effort; his positivity and his zest for life are evident in his activities including all things theatrical. Whether it is captivating people on stage, making the audience laugh at the Improv Show, emceeing for the Variety Show, or singing and dancing in the musical, Don is, at heart, an entertainer.   His creativity is brilliant, his charisma is dazzling, and his joy - infectious.

    Mentoring also comes naturally to Don. Don recalls walking into the choir as a freshman, nervous and timid, but he experienced a huge sense of relief when the upperclassmen immediately reached out to him and made him feel welcome at Schaumburg.  He still remembers his trepidation and vowed to return the favor to others; he states, “Since that day, I have always promised myself that I will make as many people as I can feel like they belonged.” And he has definitely fulfilled that promise. 

    Finally, Don’s commitment to what he loves endears him to all who know him.  He is committed to his activities, committed to Schaumburg High School, and, if you are one of the lucky ones he calls friend, he will be committed to you.  

    It is with great pleasure that we present Donald McCormick as the Senior of the Month.

    Congratulations, Donald McCormick, on being recognized as Schaumburg High School’s October 2020 Senior of the Month!


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