• Congratulations Divya Saikumar and Jason Williams for being announced as February 2023 Seniors of the Month.

    Seniors of the Month - February 2023


    We are proud to announce Divya Saikumar as SHS's Senior of the Month.

    Divya SaykumarDivya is motivated by the desire to learn new information, to achieve academic success, and to have a positive impact on the world. Divya has developed a pattern of going above and beyond the expectations of even her academically successful peers.   She possesses a social maturity, emotional intelligence, and sophisticated poise that distinguish her as one of the most unique and promising young people of our senior class.

    Divya has a sincere interest in protecting the environment and making a positive impact on the attitudes others hold towards recycling, conservation, and preservation.  Divya once stated, “I want to do everything in my power to fight climate change because it threatens the Earth I grew up respecting.”  As a result of her desire, Divya championed an effort to collect recyclables and deliver them to a community partner for processing.  Working with her teachers, administration, and a few of her friends, she created recycling boxes for strategic placement around all of our departmental offices.   Last year, she led the effort to collect a variety of items and transport them to the community recycler.  This year, she is leading her group to expand their efforts and recruit younger members to continue this work after she graduates.  Divya’s vision, organization, and persistence have allowed this initiative to become a reality.


    Divya Saikumar has also stood out as a leader throughout her time in the SHS Band. A three year member of the SHS Wind Symphony and District 211 Honor Band, Divya has also performed in the SHS Symphony Orchestra and Musical Pit Orchestra. She holds herself to a high standard and will not stop until she achieves her goals. Divya has made a great impact through her leadership in the band program, leading with positivity and a sense of commitment that her peers are eager to match. For the past two years, Divya has served as a drum major for the SHS Bands, responsible for leading nearly two-hundred musicians in rehearsals and performances. She has flourished in this role, always working behind the scenes and thinking ahead to what needs to be done to help others succeed.

    When asked how she stays motivated, Divya reflects, “My favorite thing to remind myself during periods of stress is that life is short, so stay in the moment! By focusing on one task at a time, I find it easier to stay calm and get through my day. I also do my best to set aside time for nothing throughout the day. Having time to relax and simply exist allows me to reset my mind and stay motivated for the next busy day.” After graduation, Divya plans to pursue a degree in Evolutionary Biology to research climate change and its effects on our world. Given her success in high school, we can’t wait to see where she goes in the years to come.

    Congratulations to Divya Saikumar on the well-deserved honor of being named Schaumburg High School’s February 2023 Senior of the Month.



    We are proud to announce Jason Williams as SHS's Senior of the Month.

    Jason Williams

    Schools often come to depend on Students like Jason, possibly even taking them for granted. While his commitment to academic pursuits is admirable, it is Jason’s willingness to engage with people impresses others the most. Whether it is in a classroom setting, on the field, as part of a jazz combo, or helping others, Jason manages to quietly lead by example. In so doing, he has dedicated himself to pursuing excellence.

    Even as a freshman, during the COVID lockdown, when so many students took the opportunity to duck their studies and disappear behind their devices, Jason was already ready to push himself. He consistently met with teachers making sure that he was learning and growing, while fostering connections with others. At a time when it is easy to check out and/or tune others out, he has always avoided temptation.

    As a Junior and Senior he became more comfortable leading others. While teachers and coaches always hope for their upperclass students to take on such roles, Jason stepped up smoothly to set an example, whether it be as a member of NHS, SALT, Varsity Baseball, Rose Arbor Court, and the Band Leadership Team.  Being a part of such disparate groups is a challenge, especially in leadership roles.As one of Jason's teachers said “Leadership is doing it yourself and then getting others to do it. Jason exemplifies this to the utmost.”

    Juggling all the responsibilities to all the different groups he helps is a tough challenge.  But he’s not just an academic or extracurricular drone, Jason has cunningly aligned his activities and academic pursuits with his passions.  His passion for sports obviously fuels his efforts on the baseball field, but it also drives his participation in SALT as well as his reporting for the Saxon Scribe.  Jason’s passion for music isn’t just a solitary interest, but a celebration of teamwork with his fellow musicians which he pursues as a member of multiple ensembles.

    Jason understands the importance of support systems and surrounding yourself with people who can lend a hand.  That is why he is so often exactly the person who seems willing and able to help out those around him. He is a focused student, a positive teammate, a leader who understands his role and contributions to those around him. Jason also regularly volunteers with students with special needs, including through our high school’s Partners Club and with community organizations including Easterseals and Special Olympics. Perhaps most meaningfully, he is a youth volunteer leader and lead buddy support player for the Bartlett Hanover Park Little League Challengers, a baseball league for youth with cognitive and physical disabilities. No matter how busy he may be, Jason consistently goes out of his way to improve the lives of others.

    So it makes sense that Jason is considering studying education in college, with an interest in Physical Education in particular; it would simply be another way for him to lead by example while following his passions. Jason will no doubt continue to impress wherever he goes.  Please take a moment to congratulate our newest Senior of the Month.


    Congratulations, Jason Williams, on being named Schaumburg High School's February 2023 Senior of the Month!



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