• Schaumburg High School is proud to recognize Zoe Mihevc as the January Senior of the Month

    Zoe Mihevec

    Zoe Mihevc is an excellent representation of a Schaumburg Saxon.  She embodies a very strong work ethic which allows her to be successful in her classes.  She models the expectations of a Saxon outside of the classroom as well by participating in various clubs and organizations.  Zoe is a quiet leader, choosing to help others through interpersonal contact and friendship.   All of these demands and sharing of her time and talents is done with a very positive attitude and friendly personality.  

    How does Zoe achieve all her success?  Zoe enjoys being involved in many things.  She focuses on what she must do, and learns as much as she can from it.  Even though she earns high grades that is not her main motivation for success.  She tries to challenge herself every day.  Her positive attitude about learning is also very valuable when the class gets tough. 

     In the theatre, Zoe’s impact is undefinable.  She has taken the lead to change the technical side of the Schaumburg Theatre Program “for good.”  The student technical director for numerous shows, she brings technical expertise regarding lights, sound, and technical theatre computer programs as well as advanced communication, delegation, and leadership.  She is creative, innovative, and kind with a problem-solving streak that truly does make her invaluable.          

    Giving also comes naturally to Zoe.  She makes herself available to those who need her advice, expertise, time, or just an ear to listen.  Those around her know they can always depend on her steadfast nature and look to her for encouragement, love, and support.

    Finally, Zoe’s commitment to what she loves endears her to all who know her.  She is committed to theatre, committed to learning, committed to Schaumburg High School, and, if you are one of the lucky ones she calls friend, she will be committed to you.  

    It is with great pleasure that we present Zoe Mihevc as the January Senior of the Month.