• Schaumburg High School is proud to recognize Mikey Wolski as the March Senior of the Month

    Michael Wolski Mikey Wolski is recognized as an outstanding leader in the Schaumburg High School community, excelling across academics and extracurricular activities. Throughout his time at SHS, Mikey has challenged himself with rigorous accelerated and Advanced Placement coursework across many departments, finding enjoyment in the everyday act of learning. Mikey is incredibly well rounded due to his pursuit of diverse academic interests, ranging from high-level mathematics and science to music and the humanities. No matter the setting, Mikey provides insightful contributions to classroom discussions and demonstrates a steadfast commitment to giving his absolute best. He is also known for his caring personality and humble demeanor, going out of his way to benefit others.

    Mikey has experienced much success through his extra- and co-curricular involvement at Schaumburg High School. A four-year member of the band program, Mikey has been a member of the District 211 Honor Band and currently plays in the Wind Symphony, where his acute attention to detail makes him an outstanding performer. Mikey has additionally demonstrated strong leadership through his involvement in music. As a clarinet section leader for the Saxon Marching Band, Tri-M Music Honor Society member, and regular volunteer at elementary band rehearsals, Mikey has helped mentor many student musicians in the Schaumburg community. He is also a three-year participant in Operation Snowball, including two years as a staff member.

    Perhaps Mikey’s greatest extracurricular accomplishments have come through his involvement in the Business Professional of America. Mikey started with BPA as a sophomore and quickly excelled due to his uncommon work ethic. As a junior, Mikey earned 1st place at regionals in Banking and Finance and 1st place in the state for Financial Math and Analysis Concepts. He now serves on the BPA leadership team and is a finance level leader, leveraging his passion to help others succeed.

    Mikey greatly values the sense of community at SHS, which he notes that he first truly realized when singing the Schaumburg High School Alma Mater at the last band concert of his freshman year. He reflects, “It motivated me to make my four years count, and cherish every moment with the amazing people that surround you at any given time, whether you know it or not.” Mikey also notes that his diverse interests have helped keep him motivated throughout his time in high school. Upon graduation, Mikey will be attending Northwestern University to study economics. Given his significant accomplishments over the last four years, we look forward to following Mikey’s success in college and beyond.

    Congratulations, Mikey Wolski, on being named Schaumburg High School’s March 2020 Senior of the Month!