• Schaumburg High School is proud to recognize Cedric Mathew as the May Senior of the Month

    Cedric Mathew In academics, clubs, and band, the May Senior of the Month, Cedric Matthew, shows what it means to have Saxon PRIDE and serve the school community.

    Even as a lanky little Freshman, Cedric already began displaying the traits that he would sharpen, leading him to success. Cedric is known as a sharp student who is highly involved in various activities at SHS.
    His engagement with our school and community is not, however, just some recent trend; Cedric has been directly and thoroughly invested in multiple groups at SHS during his entire four years. In a room surrounded by upper-classmen, he already demonstrated a strong and independent voice that was capable of advocating for himself and others. When older students might be tempted to quietly fade into the background, Cedric was always willing to respond to questions, offer suggestions, and present his own views and interests.

    Not being merely content to stick himself into a niche or rut, Cedric expanded his activities and pursuits each year. By the time he was a junior, he was already in a position of some leadership in three different groups. Cedric is willing to get out in front of groups and take responsibility onto his own shoulders. That invariably means dealing with, and helping, others. Whether it means setting an example as a Team Captain, coaxing others to write as an Editor-in-Chief, or volunteering at St. Alexius Medical Center, Cedric works to assist others—not just to benefit himself.
    The fact that Cedric does all of this after school is remarkable, especially given the fact that he also pursues some of the highest coursework that SHS offers. It can be tempting for academically-inclined students to focus on their classes and prioritize their studies at the cost of maintaining a connection to school or the community-at-large. That is not the case for Cedric. Not only is he willing to apply himself in the classroom, but he exerts an active and positive influence on the people and groups in our surrounding community.

    Many of us are content to sit back and follow others; some may prefer to be left alone, unconcerned with others around them. Cedric is driven to explore and lead. Even in band, Cedric has taken on leadership roles—acting as Secretary and section leader. While he’s abilities allow him to excel and stand out, Cedric always makes certain to help others and show them the way forward.

    Schaumburg High School is proud to honor Cedric and excited to see how he will continue to excel in college and beyond.