• Schaumburg High School is proud to recognize Yulia Hutsul as November 2020 Senior of the month

    Yulia Hutsul -Senior of the Month - November 2020

    We are proud to announce Yulia Hutsul as the Schaumburg High School November Senior of the Month. While at Schaumburg High School, Yulia has been a member of Student Council serving as Vice President of Finance, a staff member for Operation Snowball, and is a part of Saxons L.E.A.D core leadership team. On top of all that, Yulia also finds value in service work. This is evident through her weekly volunteering at the Ukrainian Youth Association Center, as well as her involvement in the Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute Youth Advisory Committee.  Though she has an extremely busy schedule, Yulia is an excellent student who does not shy away from extreme academic rigor or challenges.

    Yulia is the epitome of hard work and being a positive influence at Schaumburg High School. As one of Yulia’s teachers stated, “Yulia works with the highest degree of integrity, and her actions and words always align. What is truly amazing is her maturity, self-awareness, and social awareness that allow her to maintain focus towards her own goals while still positively influencing the classroom, community, and whatever she is a part of.” Yulia credits her well-roundedness to her active engagement in self-gratitude. She journals, has an advanced yoga practice, is an avid reader, and a compassionate and empathetic friend.

    Yulia plans to attend either George Washington University or American University, and double major in International Relationships and German. Her time at SHS has fully prepared her to expand her opportunities for excellence at the next level. Yulia’s discipline, maturity, selflessness, desire to succeed and better those around her make her a stellar student.

    Congratulations, Yulia Hutsul, on being recognized as Schaumburg High School’s November 2020 Senior of the Month!


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