• Schaumburg High School is proud to recognize Alvin Reji as the September Senior of the Month

    Alvin Reji

    We are proud to announce Alvin Reji as the September Senior of the Month. Since his freshman year, Alvin has immersed himself in activities at Schaumburg High School through Student Council and Operation Snowball. He has also served on the Student Council executive board for two years and currently serves as the Student Council President. In addition to these activities, Alvin is a member of the National Honor Society, Business Professionals of America, Saxons LEAD and the Red Cross. Alvin has also been a member of the Principal's Advisory Board, his junior and senior years. Last year Alvin was recognized by his peers as selected as the Homecoming Junior Attendant.

    Alvin has taken academically challenging classes while at SHS. He demonstrates excellent time management skills in being able to manage challenging academic courses, his job outside of school, and involvement in multiple activities at SHS. Alvin demonstrates strong interpersonal skills in his role as Student Council President, in addition to his creativity and attention to detail in executing his design for large events. One of Alvin's teachers stated, "Alvin is fully dedicated to excellence in all that he does. Providing an excellent example of calm leadership inside and outside the classroom, Alvin greatly contributes to the success of others while holding himself to high standards of effort and achievement."

    Outside of the classroom, Alvin demonstrates a strong concern for others through the Appalachia Service Project. For the past four years, Alvin has traveled with his youth group each summer to serve the under-resourced in West Virginia and Kentucky.

    Alvin is a strong leader who goes out of his way to serve others. He makes sure that everyone around him feels comfortable and included. He represents the values that SHS upholds, which is why he is an excellent recipient of this award.