• Scholarships

    Scholarships can be found in MaiaLearning under the Financial Plan tab.
    Students can search national scholarships based on their personal criteria.  

    Local scholarships will be added to MaiaLearning as they become available.

    Many colleges and universities offer their own scholarships, so we encourage students to check their websites or work with their financial aid office.

    Some reminders about scholarships:

        1. You should never pay for a scholarship application!

        2. Fill out scholarship applications well in advance of the deadline. Some give priority to the order of receipt.

        3. If the scholarship requires a transcript to be sent, see the registrar at least 3 days prior to the due date.

        4. Financial need is considered for many, but not all, scholarships.

        5. Apply for several scholarships because there are no guarantees you will receive one particular scholarship.

        6. This list does not include scholarships offered by colleges/universities. Contact each directly or refer to their website for additional scholarship information.