• Dear Parents of Freshman/Sophomore Wellness Students,


    Freshman and Sophomore students in District 211 are scheduled into a course called Wellness. This course meets the Illinois graduation requirements for both physical education and health, and includes an integrated approach to learning about nutrition, fitness, decision-making and social-emotional health. As part of the curriculum, this course includes instruction on comprehensive sexual health education. 


    You are receiving this letter because your student’s wellness course will begin the comprehensive sexual health education unit during the month of October. The topics covered during the sexual health education unit are required by the Illinois School Code (105 ILCS 5/27-9.1) and include the following critical learning standards: consent and healthy relationships, anatomy & physiology, puberty & adolescent sexual development, identity, sexual health, and interpersonal relationships. We encourage parents to review information about this unit, including the scope and sequence of content covered in our classrooms.   


    District 211 has created a website with additional information regarding comprehensive sexual health education. It can be accessed here: District 211 Comprehensive Sexual Health Education Information. 


    As a parent of a student in District 211, you have the ability, per Illinois school code, to request that your student be excused from participating in the comprehensive sexual health education unit of the wellness curriculum. If you would like to have your student excused from the sexual health education portion of the wellness curriculum, please complete the following form: Parent Excusal Form. The parent excusal form will be available until Friday, September 29, 2023. If your child is excused, they will be provided alternate assignments in a different learning environment while the comprehensive sexual health curriculum is being facilitated in their wellness course. The topics covered in the opt-out unit include the following. Freshman Wellness: human ecology & health, public and environmental health, consumer health, personal health habits, and cancer; Sophomore Wellness: personal health habits, violence prevention and conflict resolution, prevention and control of disease, and mental health and illness. 


    If you have additional questions about our District 211 Wellness curriculum, please contact your school's Wellness department chair (information is below).  


    Thank you, 

    Wellness Department Chairs