• A meal bag will include breakfast and lunch for each school day per week including proteins, whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and milk.

    Breakfast includes single-serving options such as cereal, Pop-Tarts, muffins, and granola bars, as well as milk, 100% fruit juice, and fresh or prepackaged fruit cups.

    Lunch includes an entrée, fruits and vegetables, and milk. Entrees will be frozen and instructions will be provided for storage and heating. Entrees include a variety of students’ favorites: mac and cheese, pasta & meat sauce, chicken sandwiches, nuggets, burgers, cheese Bosco sticks, pizza, and meal bowls. Fruit and vegetables provided will be a variety of fresh, frozen, or pre-cupped options.

    Instructions for storing and cooking meals will be included with each bag.

    What Makes a Breakfast?

    What Makes a Breakfast? (pdf)




    What Makes a Lunch?


    What Makes a Lunch?  (pdf)


    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.