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    Wednesday, November 16, 2022

    Career exploration is an important part of high school, whether students are pursuing a career or selecting a college major. Firsthand contact with successful industry leaders is an ideal way to begin to understand and be inspired by a career. The Career Expo empowers students through professional conversations that offer valuable information on preparation, training and personal qualities needed for their future.

District 211 Career Expo 2022

  • Xello Assessment

    Xello Assessment

    As District 211 students, you have the opportunity to complete Xello's interest inventory and/or personality assessment. This could help you explore the relationships between your personal interests and various careers. Here you can learn how your interests match up with careers you might be interested in after you graduate.

       Step 1: Open the Xello application on your device

       Step 2: Sign in to your D211 Student Account (@students.d211.org)

       Step 3: Explore Xello

  • D211 Curriculum Guide

    Township High School D211 Curriculum Guide, pdf document opens in a new window

  • Student Readiness Plan

    Student Readiness Plan

    Preparing students for life after high school is a priority for High School District 211.  Pursuing this priority has led to the development of the D211 Student Readiness Plan, an online resource for students to use as they track their progress toward reaching their individualized goals related to high school success and post-high school experiences.

Career Advisors