• Q. What is being taught in a Remote or Hybrid School Day Scenario?

    A. Each individual course being taught in a District 211 school includes a rigorous and relevant curriculum defined by Critical Learning Standards. The curriculum has been designed and modified over the course of many years in order to ensure that our Critical Learning Standards are aligned with state and national standards, represent the most current research in each field of study, and fully prepare our students to succeed after high school. Our curriculum is designed for a full in-person model of instruction over a school year. As we begin the school year with a Remote or Hybrid School Scenario, we want to ensure that our curriculum is translated for this model of instruction. The criteria include the following: which standards will provide students with essential knowledge, concepts, and skills needed for the next course/level; which standards provide crossover application with other content areas; which standards are needed for post-high school careers; and which standards are critical for early college credit. This work is accomplished collaboratively with teams of experienced teachers, department chairs, and administrators. 

    These criteria, and the subsequent analysis of our course Critical Learning Standards, will allow our teachers to continue to provide a quality, comprehensive curriculum in each course. While the method of delivery and instructional experience is different from our traditional classroom model, we remain committed to providing excellent teaching in order to prepare our students for life after high school.

  • Q. Can students make changes to their daily class schedule?

    A. All students must consult with a school counselor to discuss requests for changes to their daily class schedule. Counselors are available and can be reached by contacting the student services office at the student’s school. All requests are reviewed for alignment with the individual student’s academic needs, class size limits, availability of seats within sections of a course, and balance of student groupings under the Hybrid Scenario. Requests for changes based on convenience will not be honored. Additionally, students may not freely replace the study hall period representing their Traditional School Scenario lunch assignment with another course.

  • Q. When will students be able to see their daily class schedules?

    A. Tentative 2020-2021 class schedules are available in Infinite Campus.

  • Q. How do students get help if they have difficulty accessing their school email account, Schoology account, or Infinite Campus account?

    A. Students experiencing technical difficulty should contact their school’s Helpdesk or support. Helpdesk contact information is listed below, and Helpdesk staff members will be available to assist students during normal school day hours.

    • Conant High School: 847-755-3761
    • Fremd High School: 847-755-2761
    • Hoffman Estates High School: 847-755-5761
    • Palatine High School: 847-755-1761
    • Schaumburg High School: 847-755-4761
    • District 211 North Campus: 847-755-6761
    • Higgins Education Center: 847-755-6761

  • Q. Where do students find the Zoom links to connect remotely to classes?

    A. Teachers will establish Zoom links during the days preceding the first day of classes. Students should check their class schedule in Infinite Campus to see these Zoom links. Additionally, teachers will post their Zoom links on each course’s Schoology page.

Superintendent's Update for 2020-2021 School Year