Student Congress

  • Students involved in Congressional Debate follow the same procedures as representatives in Washington and Springfield. They write legislation and debate their own bills and resolutions.

    Students learn the techniques of argumentation, logical persuasion, and research. They also learn responsibility by working on their own and as members of a team.

    Student Congress competes at Illinois Congressional Debate Association (ICDA) tournaments from September to February and the IHSA State Meet held in March.


  • Head Sponsor: Mr. Mike Bruce

    Sponsor: Ms. Rachael Krulewich

    Sponsor: Mr. Leonard Lee

    Sponsor: Ms. Nabeela Syed

    Sponsor: Ms. Anusha Thotakura

Additional Information

  • Practice Information

    Students should expect to stay afterschool once a week to practice with a coach for 20-30 minutes.  They can adjust this practice time to fit their schedule.