Modern Music Masters

  • Tri-M Music Honors Society

    Tri-M Music Honor Society

    What is “Tri-M”?

    Tri-M, or “Modern Music Masters”, is the national Music Honors Society. The membership is made up of active high school musicians across the country that have a desire to serve their community. Members also strive to act as ambassadors for music education and for music programs in public schools.

    What is the mission of Tri-M?

    The national mission statement for Tri-M declares that Tri-M:

    • Advocates for the importance and value of music education in shaping the leaders of tomorrow
    • Highlights the school’s music program and establishes credibility within the surrounding community
    • Positively impacts the community through public performances and service projects
    • Motivates students to take on leadership roles and make a difference in their community

    Tri-M members serve as music ambassadors for Fremd High School. We will strive to represent our school and community through service and performance. We will organize events, serve on committees, help the music department, organize other projects, and enjoy doing so!


  • Sponsor: Ms. Marla Caballero

    Schoology Code: 7GQB-957F-WSF7N

    Instagram: @fremdtri_m

Additional Information

  • What are the requirements to become a member of Tri-M?

    We will be holding auditions for students who have been enrolled in a music class (band, choir, orchestra) for at least one year. As you can imagine, since it is an honor society, we are looking for music students who are ambassadors for the music department (both in their musicianship and leadership) and who have a 3.5 GPA in music/3.0 GPA overall.