Science Club

  • Science club is a club that meets every Wednesday after school in room 245. Please come join us for a chance to design your own experiments, experience real science research, work with living organisms, and become involved in activities that give back to the community. Below are detailed experiences that students will encounter in the club.

    Focus on experimentation, inquiry and philanthropy Students will take part in authentic science investigations that will allow them to develop a lifelong appreciation for science.

    Students will be assisted in using the scientific method to investigate hypotheses of their choice. They will also be assisted in applying a number of statistical tools to aid in the design, implementation and analysis of their experiments. Students will be able to perform long term experiments that they may not have had the chance to participate in during science class due to time and curricular constraints.


  • Sponsor: Ms. Jen Thorstenson

    Schoology Code: FHVVQ-WQDP2

    Instagram: @FremdSciClub

Additional Information