• Saturday May 18th, 2019 at 6pm


    Renaissance Center
    1551 N Thoreau Drive
    Schaumburg, IL

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    Prom Ticket Sales

    Saturday, April 27, 2019 in the CAFETERIA
    (The line will start outside at Entrance #15 near Applied Technology)

    *Seniors: 8am - 9:30am

    *Juniors: 9:30am - 11am

    Tickets will be available for sale at the Cashier’s Office from April 29 - May 9.

    Price of prom tickets

    • Tickets are $150 per couple or $75 for an individual ticket.
    • Payment can be made by check or cash.
    • Make Checks payable to Fremd High School. (Please put your ID number on the memo line)

    Purchasing tickets

    • Bring your ID and your date’s ID when purchasing tickets.
    • All guests from another school must obtain a guest pass form filled out and turned in when tickets are purchased.
    • Vegetarian dinners need to be specified when purchasing tickets.
    • Only one parent may come in your place with your ID and your date’s ID if you are unable to purchase your tickets on April 27th.
    • Tickets can be purchased at the cashier’s window starting April 29.

    Post prom tickets (Hosted by the Viking Booster Club)

    Held at the Odyssey Moonlight Cruise departing from Navy Pier, Chicago

    Tickets are $50 per couple or $25 for an individual ticket

    Please make checks payable to "Viking Booster Club"

    Post prom tickets will be available for purchase at a different table on April 29.

    2019 Post-Prom Permission Slip

    To email post-prom committee:

    Post prom tickets will be available at ticket sales on April 27 and the following week on Monday, April 29 - Friday, May 1 outside the café.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I can't come on the day that the tickets are being sold?
    If you are unable to buy your tickets, only one parent may come in your place with your ID and your date’s ID.  No exceptions will be made.  If a parent can't make it, then you can buy your tickets starting Monday, April 29 at the cashier's window. Ticket sales end on Friday, May 10.

    If I'm a senior, what time can I buy tickets?  If I'm a junior, what time can I buy tickets?
    SENIORS:     8am - 9:30am                 JUNIORS:     9:30am - 11am

    How much do the tickets cost? How can I pay?
    Tickets are $150 per couple or $75 for an individual ticket. Payment can be in the form of a check made out to Fremd High School with your ID number in the memo spot or you can bring cash.

    Post prom tickets are $50 per couple or $25 for an individual ticket. Payment can be made in cash or in a separate check made out to Viking Booster Club. A  separate permission form will be required to attend Post Prom at the Odyssey Moonlight Cruise at Navy Pier, Chicago. Permission forms can be accessed on the Booster Page of the FHS website or by clicking here.

    How do I pick what table I'm going to sit at?  Can I sit with my friends?
    After you purchase your tickets, you will be directed to another table where you will use a chart to figure out where you want to sit.  There is a 10 person max at each table. You can sit with your friends granted space is still available at that table. Table changes will not be made.

    How do I buy post prom tickets?
    On April 27, after table selections have been made, you will be directed to a separate area to purchase post prom tickets.  Post prom tickets are $50 per couple or $25 for an individual ticket.  Please make out a separate check made out to the Viking Boosters Club.  From April 29 - May 1, tickets will be available during lunch periods.

    **Note:  signed permission forms are required to attend post prom. forms must be turned in to the boosters club prior to the event. Permission forms will be available at the main office, on the booster's page on the Fremd website, or click here to print out the Post prom permission form. Post prom questions?  email the Boosters at

    When does prom end and post prom begin? When and where do we return from post prom? 
    We start loading the buses for post prom around 10:30 pm. The majority of buses will be on their way to the Odyssey Moonlight Boat Cruise at Navy Pier, Chicago by 11 pm. You will return back to the Renaissance around 3 am.  You are responsible for your own transportation once you return to the Renaissance. If you have any additional questions, email the boosters at

    Can I just attend post prom and skip the prom itself?
    No. Only those who have attended prom may attend post prom activities.

    What do I wear to prom?  What can I bring with me to the dance?
    Prom is formal, so tuxedos and formal dresses are appropriate for the event. On the night of the dance, try to carry as little as possible, so you don't have to worry about losing anything. You will not be able to bring in anything that is liquid into the dance.

    What if my date doesn't go to Fremd?
    You must fill out a guest pass form and turn it in when you purchase your ticket.
    Forms will be available at the cashier's office, main office switchboard, media center, or by clicking here.  GUEST PASS forms MUST be turned in at the media drop box or to the main office switchboard by May 10.

    What if my date is 21 or older?
    Any Fremd student wishing to bring a guest aged 21 or older to the dance must have approval from Mr. Dolen, Activity Director.  The guest must call Mr. Dolen's office at 847-755-2612 to schedule a time to meet with him before Thursday April 25. The completed guest pass form MUST be brought to this meeting.  All guests, regardless of age, must follow all school/dance rules.

    What if my date and I have something planned very important on that day and we can't check into the dance on time?
    Please email Mrs. Loughin-Vance your name, your date's name, both ID numbers, and your situation. Your specific situation will be discussed with administration.

    Can I leave the prom early?
    Yes, but re-admittance to the prom will be denied (even if you have purchased post prom tickets).

    If I have more questions, what should I do?
    Email Mrs. Loughin-Vance at with the details.