Model United Nations

  • United Nations Emblem Model United Nations is a club that hosts both weekly group discussion meetings and attends competitive conferences.  At the weekly meetings club members discuss various issues of international importance. Background information is provided by senior members and everyone is encouraged to share their views and opinions on the topic. 

    At conferences club members try to as realistically portray nations in committees that model the actual United Nations. Throughout the duration of the conference, they will try to pass legislation on the issue or topic that is being debated and discussed in their committee, and portray the position that their country would truly represent. At the end the best delegates are awarded awards and honors, and most members consider conferences to be extremely fun.

    Joining Model United Nations helps students build confidence and improve their debating, public speaking and writing skills. Furthermore, membership in the club also helps students become more knowledgeable about the world. Finally, Model United Nations is just plain fun, so stop by and see what we’re all about!