Welcome to Fremd High School Student Services

  • Fremd High School Student Services commits itself to help all students maximize their academic achievement, acquire appropriate life skills, and develop awareness of their personal characteristics in order to increase their life opportunities as they move toward responsible citizenship.


    We will work with students, their families, school personnel, and the community to provide a comprehensive service model that revolves around students’ academic, emotional, interpersonal, and transitional development. We resolve to evaluate and adapt our program to meet the unique needs of our students and ensure student growth.

    Seeing a Counselor

    Students can easily make an appointment to see their counselor by visiting one of our Guidance Secretaries at the Student Services desk. They can make an appointment for you on your counselor’s calendar. Appointments should be made during a free or lunch period. Freshmen who schedule an appointment during their study hall will also need a pass from our secretaries after they have scheduled your appointment.

    Counselor office hours are 7:15am-2:45pm. Contact the department at 847-755-2630 for assistance.