Little Vikes

  • Our program is based on high school classes that provides a service to the public.  The students take a class called Early Childhood Studies first, which teaches them all about how humans develop from birth to early school age.  The students then go on to take the Early Childhood Education and Advance Early Childhood Education (dual credit) classes that allows them to work with preschool aged children and apply the knowledge they learned in the first class.  In these final classes, they create lessons and then teach the preschoolers each day.

    The children will participate in an opening and closing “circle” time, as a whole class.  During this time, the HS students will go over the calendar, rules of the rug, shape/color/letter/rhyming words/theme of the week. During each class period, the preschooler will also participate in a learning lesson.  They will be broken up into groups on their age (youngest children/middle children/oldest children – based on their birthdate).  They will participate in a math or science, storytelling, or large motor lesson during each period and rotate each day of the week so they can see each lesson for the weekly theme.  Children will also participate in an arts & craft.  All children will learn about the letter of the week once each week, depending on their age group.  The HS students will go over the letter sound, letter recognition, and practice writing it with the preschoolers.

  • Requirements

    • Children must turn three on or before September 1st to participate in our program.
    • Children must be FULLY potty trained. No pull-ups or diapers are allowed, as our facility does not allow for disposal of these items if soiled.
    • Vacations should be arranged around the D211 school calendar. The HS students have work that they do and it is based on working with your child.  When the preschooler is absent, the HS student cannot complete their work. 
    • If a preschooler is sick for two or more preschool days, they will need a doctor’s note stating the child is “all clear” to return back to school.
  • Basic Program Information

    • Program runs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Time depends on the HS enrollment (class periods).  It can run anywhere from 8:20am – 11:00am.
    • We begin at the beginning of September and run through the first week of May.
    • There is one week off in October and March and time off for a winter break in December and January.
    • The preschoolers are paired up with one HS student; however, some HS students will have two preschoolers.
    • The price for the full-year preschool session depends on the amount of class periods that it runs. If the program runs for 2 HS class periods the price is $300 for the year and if the program runs for 3 HS class periods the price is $400 for the year.
      • Two HS class periods . . . time could be 8:20-10:00am or 9:15-11:00am – cost $300
      • Three HS class periods . . . time is 8:20-11:00am – cost $400
  • Contact

    Please contact Jen Mertins for more information and/or to put your child on our waiting list.  The following information is needed to be on the waiting list: parents’ names, home address, phone # to reach you, child’s name and birthday, and an email address.

    Jen Mertins – LVP Preschool Coordinator – William Fremd High School –