2020 AP Exam Information

  • In response to COVID-19 College Board developed secure 45-minute online free-response exams for each course based on fewer units of study to be completed at-home.  Students were taught all of the units of study on the exam while school was in session.  Below are important College Board updates and responses to frequently asked questions regarding the 2020 AP exams.  

    Students should  complete the AP Exam Checklist for each exam before they take the exam and keep it next to them while testing.

    The Student AP Testing Guide includes information about:

    • The AP Exam e-ticket
    • Five steps to take before test day
    • Understanding the test day experience
    • Exam scores, credit, and placement

    Additional information to the Testing Guide is now available for World Languages and Music Theory.

    World Languages: here.

    Music Theory: here.

    AP Walkthrough Video  College Board made available a 4-minute video to help students with at home testing, AP 2020 Exams: HERE.

    April 1 communication to AP students and parents

    April 7 communication to AP students and parents

    If you have additional questions please contact your AP coordinator or go to cb.org/ap2020  for the AP Testing Guide, videos, and other resources.





    Who should I contact if I registered for an AP test but no longer want to take it

    Please speak with your AP teacher before deciding not to take an AP test. Once you have talked with your AP teacher, if you still believe that not taking your AP test is the best option, please contact your school's AP Coordinator to cancel an exam

    If I do not take an AP exam that I previously registered for, will I be charged a $40 cancellation fee?

    The College Board is waiving all cancellation fees for the 2020 AP test administration. Please click here for additional information from the College Board

    Who should I contact if I did not previously register for an AP test but I would like to now?

    The College Board has been very clear to schools in that they are not allowing any students to register for exams at this time.

    How do I know if I registered for an AP exam?

    Students can verify which exams they have registered for through Total Registration (totalregistration.net). After students log into Total Registration, they should navigate to their exam schedule.

    What is the revised exam schedule for AP exams?

    Please click here to access revised the AP exam schedule for 2020

    Will I still receive approved testing accommodations for my AP exam?

    . Please click here for additional information from the College Board regarding testing accommodations.

    What can I do to prepare myself for AP exams?

    The College Board is offering free online classes to help students prepare from their AP exams. You can access the schedule here.  Recordings of the live classes can also be found on the College Board’s YouTube channel.

    How long will AP exams be this year?

    All AP exams will be delivered online for 2020.  Exams will be 45 minutes in length and will consist of free-response questions. For more information about the length, structure and format of this year’s exams, please click here.

    What does it mean that this year’s AP Exams are open book/open note?

    Please review the college Board’s statement on open book/open note testing here

    What open book/open note resources are allowed for AP subject exams?

    Please click here to view the various resources that students can use when taking AP exams

    What type of device do I need for testing?

    Students can take exams on any device they have access to - computer, tablet or smartphone.  Taking a photo of handwritten work will also be an option. For more information, please click here.

    Are there any free-response practice questions I can take to help me prepare for my exam?

    Free-response practice questions are available in students’ MyAP portal. Please click here for additional information.

    College Board's Frequently Asked Questions

    Please click here to view the College Board’s FAQ. 

    How will my exams be scored and credit be earned?

    Please click here to learn more about how AP exams will be scored and colleges will issue credit

    How will my AP exam be scored this year?

    Students’ work will be scored by the College Board’s network of college faculty and AP readers, and will be reported on a 1–5 scale. We anticipate releasing scores as close to the usual July timeframe as possible. Additionally, the College Board will provide every student’s exam score to their AP teacher within 48 hours of the exam. 

    Will colleges and universities still give me credit for my AP exams this year?

    Please review the College Board’s statement on credit and placement here.