• There are 3 sources for scholarships: national groupslocal groups, and universities themselves.

    Most scholarships received at Conant are listed in the Local Scholarship link below. Please also be sure to complete the FAFSA and other college financial aid forms. There are many other types of aid available besides scholarships.

    Local Scholarships
    These school, district, community, and state scholarships have smaller applicant pools than national scholarships. Click the link below to see the scholarships you are able to apply for.

    CHS Local Scholarship Listing

    Township High School District 211 Foundation Scholarships for James B. Conant High School

    University Scholarships
    Each university has its own programs that are often the best sources of scholarships. Contact the university or check their website for further information.

    Automatic Merit Based Scholarships
    Some universities offer automatic scholarships based on a students gpa and standardized test score. Just apply to the school, meet their gpa and test score scholarship requirements, and receive the scholarship. See the list at the link below.

    Automatic Merit Based Aid List

    Harper Promise Scholarship
    A scholarship offered to every student in Harper’s district that would fund up to two years of college. 

    Harper Promise Website