Student Intervention Team

  • The mission of the Hoffman Estates High School Student Intervention Team is to facilitate preventative educational opportunities as well as the early identification, intervention and referral of students at risk for substance abuse.

    Working Together to Promote Healthy Choices

    Hoffman Estates High School recognizes that chemical dependency is a growing problem. Our school shares responsibility with families and the community for educating our young people to enable them to make intelligent, healthy choices. Drug and alcohol abuse interferes with learning, affects behavior at school and at home, and interrupts a student’s full development.

S.I.T. Goals

  • Prevention and Education Activities
    Will be provided to empower students to make healthy decisions towards positive life experience.
    Identification of Students in Need
    Students in need of services may be referred by teachers, coaches, administrators, parents, peers, or community agencies. Students may also self-refer.
    Assessments / Inventories
    When necessary, S. I. T. members will seek data from staff members and other key individuals who can provide pertinent observations about the student referred. Personal inventories may be used to determine the extent of chemical involvement.
    Intervention and Referral
    S. I. T. will assist families in developing a plan for intervention and referral.
    S. I. T. members will implement groups in school to establish a safe and nurturing environment.

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