FreshMentor Program

  • The purpose of the FreshMentor program is to provide upperclassman students a unique leadership and mentoring opportunity. FreshMentors are trained to help our freshmen transition to high school with a primary focus on helping them understand their new roles and responsibilities as a student. Likewise, they will offer support and connect students to resources to help them succeed at Hoffman Estates High School.

FreshMentor Program Presentation

FreshMentor Sponsors

Name Voicemail Email
Rebecca Bergstrom 224-653-5647

Commitment Expected from Members

  • Foundations Assignment: You will be assigned to a Freshman Foundations section. FreshMentors will be responsible for delivering lessons each week.  You must be able to accommodate a seminar in your schedule for AT LEAST first semester.

FreshMentors Time Period

  • School Year, plus mandatory FreshMentor training and event dates*

    Spring semester - Mandatory Kick-off Orientation Training Day for all Mentors

    First Week of August - Mandatory Kick-Off Day Training Day and Freshman Kick-Off 

    August/September - Parent Open House  (Date/Time To Be Determined)

    December -  Incoming Freshman Parent Night (Date/Time To Be Determined)

    * see application for specific dates and times for the upcoming school year

FreshMentors Application

  • Please click the link below to access the FreshMENTORS application page. All applications must be completed by the application deadline (February 12, 2021). NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Selected students will be notified of a decision before spring vacation and will be required to attend training sessins mentioned above in the "FreshMentors Time Period."

    Click here for the FreshMentors Application