FreshMentor Program

  • The purpose of the FreshMentor program is to provide upperclassman students a unique leadership and mentoring opportunity. FreshMentors are trained to help our freshmen transition to high school with a primary focus on helping them understand their new roles and responsibilities as a student. Likewise, they will offer support and connect students to resources to help them succeed at Hoffman Estates High School.

FreshMentor Program Presentation

FreshMentor Sponsors

Name Voicemail Email
Rebecca Bergstrom 224-653-5647

Commitment Expected from Members

  • Foundations Assignment: You will be assigned to a Freshman Foundations section. FreshMentors will be responsible for delivering lessons each week.  You must be able to accommodate a seminar in your schedule for AT LEAST first semester.

FreshMentors Time Period

  • School Year, plus mandatory FreshMentor training and event dates*

    Spring semester - Mandatory Kick-off Orientation Training Day for all Mentors

    First Week of August - Mandatory Kick-Off Day Training Day and Freshman Kick-Off 

    August/September - Parent Open House  (Date/Time To Be Determined)

    December -  Incoming Freshman Parent Night (Date/Time To Be Determined)

    * see application for specific dates and times for the upcoming school year

FreshMentors Application