Social Work Services

  • What does Hoffman Estates High School Social Work Services Offer?

    Counseling & Support Groups

    A variety of support services groups are offered to meet the needs of our students. Each group meets on a weekly basis and is facilitated by a social worker, guidance counselor, or psychologist. Please speak with your guidance counselor or a social worker if you are interested in being a member of one of these groups!

    • Anger Management (Boys & Girls)
    • Children of Divorce
    • Children of Alcoholics
    • Social Skills (Boys & Girls)
    • Women’s Issues

    Students and families can access social work services through the Student Services Department at Hoffman Estates High School School by calling 847-755-5630 or contacting one of the school’s social workers by email.

Support Services Groups

  • Anger Management Group

    Anger Management Group

    This group operates on a weekly basis as well. It serves students who wish to work on personal issues and anger. The group is facilitated by a school social worker, as well as a therapist from an outside agency. Students who participate in anger management group will learn to develop alternate ways of coping with frustrations and with expressing their feelings.

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  • Chemical Dependency Group

    Chemical Dependency Group

    This group operates to serve students who have/had chemical dependency and substance abuse/use problems. The group is a supportive atmosphere in which students offer one another encouragement to living a drug-free life and provide important feedback regarding problems.

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  • COA – Children of Alcoholics Group

    COA – Children of Alcoholics Group

    This group operates to provide a supportive environment for students who are dealing with alcoholic parents or family members. The group gives students an outlet to express feelings and frustrations regarding alcoholism and its effects upon their family.

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  • Divorce Group

    Divorce Group

    This group is offered to students who come from divorced and/or blended, step-families. The group assists students who may have difficulties with their family and living situations and may need extra support to deal with problems stemming from the home environment. The group focuses on the dynamics of families and divorce. Support is offered to reduce stress, to improve relationships with parents and family members, and to teach appropriate communication skills within the family.

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  • Social Skills Group (boys & girls)

    Social Skills Group (boys & girls)

    Social Skills group is offered to students who are referred by members of the special education department or other faculty and staff. In social skills group, students learn appropriate ways of communicating with peers and adults, as well as covering topics in a variety of other areas. At the end of the semester, students will have learned different skills that they will be able to apply to many different social situations.

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  • Women's Issues Group

    Women's Issues Group

    This group operates to provide a safe place for young women to share thoughts and feelings on issues such as dating and relationships, families, friendships, drug and alcohol use, and self-esteem and body image.

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Social Work Services Staff

Name Phone Email
Andres Acosta 847-755-5635
Margaret King 847-755-5655
Jennifer Nieft 847-755-5634