The impact of Vaping and e-Cigarettes on youth

  • Over the past several years, the use of vaping and e-cigarette products has exponentially increased among our youth. With growing frequency, youth are using these products not only to consume and become addicted to high levels of nicotine but now are using these devices to inhale THC which is the active, psychotropic ingredient in marijuana. These devices have become more innocuous, harder to identify, and easier to conceal. The perception among many is that these products are less harmful than smoking and other risky behaviors, despite a growing body of research that suggests otherwise.

    High School District 211 is pleased to announce that William Fremd High School and Schaumburg High School will both host a Community Education Session focusing on Vaping and e-Cigarettes and the impact these products have on youth. 

    Representatives from the Kenneth Young Center, the Palatine, and Schaumburg Police Departments, and administrators from District 211 discussed and reviewed current trends concerning students’ access to, use, and abuse of vaping products. The session is designed to improve parents’ and community members’ awareness of the nature of vaping products and their use among youth.

    Community education is important to High School District 211 and involvement will help our schools strengthen the commitment to serve all students. All sessions were open to the public and offered free of charge.

    pdf of the Power Point Presentation