• Concussion Awareness Seminar

    A concussion, also known as a mild traumatic brain injury, is the most common type of brain injury and involves a short loss of normal brain function. While concussions are a common sports injury, they also can be a result of a fall, a car or bicycle accident, or any type of blow to the head or body. It is important to understand that while most concussions may not be life-threatening, they should all be treated seriously.

    As part of Community Education outreach, High School District 211 hosted two Concussion Awareness Seminars, focusing on concussions, symptoms, and treatment.  Sessions were held on September 7 at Fremd High School, and December 7 at Schaumburg High School.

    Dr. Erik Beltran, a neurologist from the North Shore University Health System, shared information on current research regarding concussions and best practices for the treatment of adolescents following a concussion. Those in attendance also received information regarding District 211’s post-concussion Return-to-Learn(RTL) and Return-to-Play(RTP) protocols.

    Community Education is important to High School District 211 and involvement helps our schools strengthen our commitment to serve all students. All sessions are open to the public and offered free of charge.