Personal technology devices have become an integrated and ubiquitous aspect of our lives. This technology has become a tool with tremendous capacity that enables us to communicate, stay informed, entertain, and manage our lives. With all of the benefits this technology affords, personal technology devices can also present complications and some potential dangers.

    In our continued effort to support our communities and student wellness, High School District 211 was pleased to invite parents and community members to a Community Education Sessions for Distracted Driving and Personal Technology Safety. The session was held on April 19 at Schaumburg High School.

    Representatives from the Schaumburg Police Department and District 211 shared information about distracted driving and provided parents with information and resources on how to keep children safe on cell phones and personal devices. 

    Community education is important to High School District 211 and involvement helps our schools strengthen our commitment to serve all students. All sessions are open to the public and offered free of charge.


    Resource: The Ultimate Parent Guide for Protecting Your Child on the Internet