Safe2Help Illinois

  • District 211 is registered with Safe2Help Illinois. Safe2Help Illinois is a product of a statewide school and youth safety assessment. A working group comprising state and local law enforcement professionals, representatives from statewide education associations, and emergency management and mental health professionals were formed to identify safety issues faced by students across the state.   

    This resource provides an additional reporting option for youth seeking help as well as valuable information to help our students navigate matters of mental health and personal safety. More information on this resource can be found at 

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    We strongly encourage students to continue to use our District 211 “Report a Safety Concern” tool and talk to trusted adults within our schools to report matters of concern. Safe2Help Illinois provides many additional resources for our students and your children.  

    The safety and security of our school communities are of paramount importance in District 211.  We work extensively with our local law enforcement partners to ensure our schools are safe and work diligently to respond to concerns when they arise.  We are committed to our students and our community. The willingness of our school community to continue to address concerns and seek support as soon as possible remains critical to the safety of all.