Crier (Newspaper)

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    The Crier is Conant’s student-run newspaper. Previously published once a month, the Crier has now gone digital and regularly publishes new material on our website, The Crier publishes school news, feature stories, sports, opinions, entertainment reviews, videos, and more. Required full-staff meetings are held every two weeks to brainstorm ideas and to discuss our vision, while staff members communicate daily through email and in person. Editors of the newspaper lead teams of reporters, columnists, photographers, and more in providing the most relevant, informative, and interesting content for our audience. This club appeals to a wide variety of interests—from writers to photographers, from video editors to graphic artists—and to those who feel they have something meaningful and important to offer the Conant community.


Additional Information

  • Meetings: Wednesdays, 3:30 p.m.
    Room: 218
    Schoology: RP89-KSFK-JCCNS