Welcome to Student Services

  • Conant High School Student Services Department provides social, personal, and academic counseling, as well as college and career planning. When students enter high school, a school counselor is assigned to help them in these areas. Counselors see their students several times per year. Students also can schedule appointments with their counselor. Parents are encouraged to contact the counselor at any time.

    Students may meet with a counselor:

    • During a study hall or lunch.
    • Before or after school by appointment.
    • When an emergency exists.


    Additional school services include:

    • Student Support Groups: Students who have concerns relating to divorce, grief or loss, eating disorders, or anger should contact their counselor about participating in school support groups on these issues.
    • Psychologist: Conducts psychological evaluations and interprets results for students, parents, and staff. The psychologist also provides counseling and helps locate outside referral agencies.
    • Social Worker: Provides individual, group, and family counseling and serves as a liaison between the school and community agencies.
    • Speech and Language Therapist: Identifies and assists students who need help with communication skills.
    • Nurse: Provides health services within legal guidelines.
    • Student Assistance Team: Specially trained personnel who provide services and programs to students and their families affected by alcohol or drug use and abuse.
    • Community Resources: A list of community agencies that provide assistance for families may be obtained by contacting the school social worker.

    Student Services Offices

    The Student Services office, Team Rooms, Nurse's office and Registrar's office are located in the main office hallway.

    Red Team Office Number: 847-755-3670
    White Team Office Number: 847-755-3671
    Blue Team Office Number: 847-755-3672
    Student Services Fax Number: 847-755-3904

    Nurse's Office Phone: 847-755-3662
    Nurse's Fax Number: 847-755-3861

    Seeing a Counselor

    Students can easily make an appointment to see their counselor. Students can see one of our Guidance secretaries, located in Student Services, and they will make an appointment for you on your counselor’s calendar. Appointments should be made during a free or lunch period. Freshmen who schedule an appointment during their study hall will also need a pass from our secretaries after they have scheduled your appointment.
  • Counseling Services

    • Individual counseling
    • Educational planning
    • Consultation
    • Student appraisal and records
    • Guidance/Counseling groups
  • Psychologist Services

    • Evaluations
    • Work closely with social workers & counselors
    • Individual & Group Counseling
    • Support & assistance
    • Consultations
    • Community referrals
    • Liaison between hospitals, outside therapist & school
  • Registrar

    • Transcript requests
    • Verify personal information
    • Record test scores
    • Maintain student records
    • Update student information
  • Social Work Services

    • Members of Special Education Team
    • Work closely with psychologist & counselors
    • Individual & Group counseling
    • Assist students in crisis
    • Consultations
    • Referrals
    • Liaison between school & community