• Schaumburg High School is proud to recognize Elizabeth Sodimu as the January Senior of the Month

    Elizabeth Sodimu

    Meet Elizabeth Sodimu, Schaumburg High School’s January Senior of the Month.  Elizabeth is a well-deserving recipient of the Senior Student of the Month Award.  As a student, her teachers have witnessed her determination, scholarship, and diligence firsthand.  As a role model, Elizabeth Sodimu is the image of a responsible, capable, and successful young woman who takes pride in her work and works diligently to reach her goals. 

     Elizabeth has taken a rigorous, academic course load while participating in a myriad of activities at school and within the community. Schaumburg High School has discovered that Elizabeth Sodimu is one of those students who simply loves to learn. In class, Elizabeth is a standout. She is a positive influence.  Elizabeth is persistent in her problem solving and works well with his peers.  Her work is exemplary.  She is known to complete every assignment and task with thoroughness and thoughtfulness. Elizabeth often assists her peers by answering their questions.  In doing so, she not only demonstrates her content knowledge but her gift for effectively communicating her knowledge while working with and helping others. As a student, Elizabeth has demonstrated a rare combination of high intelligence, problem-solving ability, and well-rounded social skills.  Elizabeth combines these traits to put herself in the best position to learn, not for the “grade,” but for the ability to develop new skills to help those around her. 

     Elizabeth has a work ethic uncharacteristic of today’s youth. She is highly motivated and extremely hard working.  Her commitment to learn both in and out of the classroom is to be applauded.  Much of her success can be attributed to her maturity in managing time, prioritizing tasks, as well as intellectual curiosity. Elizabeth is an enthusiastic student who understands that learning can and should be fun.  She has a knack for creating a learning environment that is extremely productive. Although she wants to get to the answer, she also wants to enjoy the time it takes.  She values the opinions of his teachers and peers, and works collectively to achieve excellent results

     Elizabeth is a talented and well-rounded young woman.  In addition to excelling in the classroom, she has been committed to volunteering, working with, and helping others.  At Schaumburg High school, Elizabeth has been a member of various athletic teams, activities, and clubs in addition to volunteering in the community.

     We at Schaumburg High School have witnessed Elizabeth’s ability to make a difference.  Next fall, Elizabeth plans to attend Hofstra University in New York and major in neuroscience.  She dreams of being a neurologist.  Elizabeth Sodimu will, undoubtedly, continue to make a difference in the lives of those that cross her path.