• Schaumburg High School is proud to recognize Sam Hessian as the November Senior of the Month

    Sam Hessian Schaumburg High School is proud to announce Samuel Hessian as the November 2018 Senior of the Month. Sam is an outstanding, well-rounded leader in the SHS community, showing exemplary devotion to both academics and extracurricular activities. With accelerated and Advanced Placement coursework across many subject areas, Sam has a remarkable presence in classroom discussions and helps foster a positive learning environment throughout the building. He possesses an innate and insatiable love of learning, asking thought-provoking questions, going beyond the content taught in class, and finding joy in both the process and final product. Incredibly committed to his studies, Sam also demonstrates uncommon humility with his achievements. Sam is well respected by peers and staff members alike for his sense of selflessness, going out of his way to ensure the success of others.

     Sam Hessian has been an extraordinary leader in several areas outside of the school day. A four-year member of the Chess Team, Sam placed at both the sectional and state level as an underclassman. Sam currently serves as Captain of the Chess Team, mentoring young chess players and helping them improve their craft. Sam has been a leader on the Math Team throughout his time at SHS, qualifying for state as both as a sophomore and junior. He has also been a member of the French Exchange Program and National Honor Society. Sam’s sponsors stress the positive influence that he has had on each of these groups, ranging from his organization of additional student practice sessions to the relationships he builds with his teammates.

     Although it is difficult to distinguish from his other noteworthy successes, Sam’s greatest contributions and personal accomplishments may have come from his involvement in the Schaumburg High School Band. A four-year member of the Band program, Sam currently plays in the Wind Symphony, Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, and Jazz Combo, as well as serving as Drum Major for the Marching and Pep Bands. As Drum Major, Sam has led hundreds of fellow musicians in rehearsals and performances over the past two years with an overwhelming sense of dedication and pride. Band members are eager to work with Sam because of the personal connections he creates, and the band has reached new levels of success because of the standard he sets. As a trombonist, Sam has earned “Best of Day” recognition at IHSA Solo and Ensemble Festival, an “Outstanding Soloist” award at the Jazz in the Meadows Festival and has been selected for the District 211 Honor Band and ILMEA District 7 Band and Jazz Band. He is also Historian of the Tri-M Music Honor Society and currently serves as President of the Band Leadership Board. Sam notes that his position as Drum Major has had the most significant influence on his own growth in high school; as a role model and mentor for many musicians in the Band program, Sam has made a long-lasting positive impact on others as well.


    Reflecting on his success at Schaumburg High School, Sam stresses the importance of making time to relax, and in his case, that usually includes music and chess. However, Sam also stays motivated by finding great enjoyment in his work. Sam remarks, “I accept all knowledge that I encounter in my classes graciously. I have found happiness in merely knowing things. Whether what I absorb is something I apply to a test, use in the future, or even forget in a week’s time, I have no regret in having learned it. As a result, I have surpassed most issues of motivation. The practice of learning has hooked me, so I find myself always willing to learn.” Sam plans to major in philosophy and ultimately hopes to teach at the collegiate level. Given his far-reaching impact and accomplishments in high school, we look forward to following Sam’s continued success in college and beyond.