Hoffman Estates High School FreshMentor Application

  • The purpose of the FreshMentor program is to provide upperclassmen students a unique leadership and mentoring opportunity. FreshMentors are trained to help our freshmen transition to high school with a primary focus on helping them understand their new roles and responsibilities as a student. Likewise, they will offer support and connect students to resources to help them succeed at Hoffman Estates High School.

    How does the FreshMentor program work?

    Over the summer, the FreshMentor will be required to attend trainings to prepare for the Freshman Kick Off event in August and prepare them for their work during the year. FreshMentors will work closely with the program coordinators and Freshman Leadership Council (a core group of students who are second year Mentors and who have been selected for this role) to develop the necessary skills to be successful in their role.

    During the first semester, the role of the FreshMentor is to assist freshmen students with familiarizing themselves with the new rigors of high school. The FreshMentor is assigned to a Freshman Foundations section during first semester. The class is a study hall/mentoring period that is run by a Foundations teacher with approximately 25 freshmen students. The FreshMentors will be assigned to a Foundations class with 3-5 fellow Mentors. The Mentor works with the teacher each week to deliver lessons, assist students in developing successful study habits, connects students to school resources, promotes student involvement in school activities, and conducts themselves in a manner which serves as a positive role model. Foundations curriculum includes the following topics: Lifestyle Wellness, Community Spirit, and Steps for Success. FreshMentors will also assist new transfer students at HEHS transition to the school by serving as a Student Ambassador their first few days of school.

    What are the different roles that FreshMetors serve in?

    FreshMentor, Student Ambassador, and Freshman Council Leader.

    Student Ambassador

    Student Ambassadors are FreshMentors who have the additional responsibility beyond serving in a Foundations classroom who help our new transfer students navigate Hoffman Estates High School. In this role, Student Ambassadors help new students familiarize themselves with their class locations, school layout, bus schedule (if applicable), and provide support and answers to the new students questions. Typically, Student Ambassadors will help new students their first day or two of school. Student Ambassadors will be contacted by a Counselor at HEHS when they are needed.

    Freshman Leadership Council

    Freshman Leadership Council is a select group of students who have served in the Mentor role before and who will help lead their fellow mentors in trainings, event planning, and monthly student check in meetings. These students will work closely with the program coordinator and will need to be willing to invest more time in the program than a typical Mentor. This group will meet an additional 3-4 times for approximately one hour over the summer to prepare for Freshman Kick Off Day.

    Why should I consider being a FreshMentor?

    • Are you looking for a way to get involved at HEHS? You can do this while being a part of other sports/activities!
    • Are you looking for a way to fulfill your LCAP hours?
    • Are you looking for a way to fulfill your Harper Promise Scholarship service hours?
    • Would you like to strengthen your leadership and communication skills?
    • Are you considering a career where you would teach, counsel, or help people?
    • Do you have a desire to have a direct hand in helping others?

    If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions then consider applying to be a FreshMentor.

    What are the program requirements?

    • Be a Junior or Senior level student
    • Have and maintain a 2.25 GPA and no D’s or F’s at the end of 2nd semester last school year
    • Have a seminar 1st semester
    • Have a strong attendance record and no major discipline infractions

    How do I apply?

    To apply as a FreshMentor you will need to complete an application online. Once the application is submitted, you will be contacted to set up an interview in the early spring.

    Click here to access the online FreshMentor application.

    How does the selection process work?

    FreshMentors are junior and senior students who have completed the application process and have been selected by a committee of faculty advisers. Selected students will be notified of a decision after spring break and will be required to attend two summer trainings and Kick Off Day.