Important Dates

  • The summer school schedule will continue as a four-day week summer school session, with a total of 26 days split into 13 days each semester.

    First semester will begin on Monday, June 3 and continue through Tuesday, June 25. 

    Second Semester will begin on Wednesday, June 26, and continue through Thursday, July 18.

    *Holidays will be observed and buildings closed on Wednesday, June 19 (Juneteenth) and Thursday, July 4 (Independence Day Observed). *NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAYS * 

    1st Semester
       (13 Days)

    June 3 – June 25  

    2nd Semester
       (13 Days)

    June 26 - July 18  

    Attendance Days

    June 25 & July 18  

    1st Semester Progress Reports
       (3-week classes)

    June 12  
    2nd Semester Progress Reports
       (3 & 6-week classes)

    July 9  
    Final Exam Dates
       (1st Semester)

    June 25  
    Final Exam Dates
       (2nd Semester)

    July 18