Value Statements

  • At its regular meeting on August 18, 2016, the Board of Education adopted new value statements for High School District 211.  The adoption of the new value statements, in conjunction with the new mission statement, will assist the District with priorities from the strategic plan in the coming years.


    Township High School District 211 Value Statements 

    Academic Rigor 
    Our District values engaging curriculum built upon high-quality
    educational experiences to develop critical thinking.

    Our District values the charge of providing thorough and
    accurate information with all shared stakeholders

    Our District values an open exchange of information and

    Compassion, Dignity and Respect 
    Our District values and honors the strengths and diversity of
    all individuals

    Education and Learning 
    Our District values the continuous pursuit of knowledge, preparation
    and readiness to pursue future endeavors

    Our District values systemic measures and practices to optimize the
    community's resources throughout the organization

    Financial Integrity 
    Our District values strong fiscal management and reporting practices
    to ensure the highest degree of financial stewardship 

    Our District values continuous improvement to advance educational
    and operational practices

    Our District values fostering a comprehensive array of enrichment
    experiences to support all aspects of student development

    Our District values safeguarding the welfare of all by providing a
    positive and respectful environment

    Our District values cultivating the healthy physical, social and emotional
    well-being of all


    Approved by the Board of Education: August 18, 2018