Daily Wellness Screening Survey

  • Approved Icon District 211 schools are using a web-based system to guide students through a brief set of questions about the presence of any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection as well as specific risks of exposure.

    Every student entering a District 211 school, must complete the online daily wellness screening survey, at home each day prior to traveling to school, using their school-issued iPad or personal mobile device.  Students can access the survey via an email sent directly to their District 211 email account in one of two ways: when completing the signup for academic support sessions (the student will need their 6-digit student ID number to access the survey this way), or when completing the signup for activities or athletics. Once the student completes the wellness survey, the student will receive both an immediate notification and an email message sent to their student email account indicating whether they are cleared to enter the school building for that day.

    If a student is symptom-free, the screener will provide a confirmation message that the student is clear to go to school.  Students should keep that page open in the browser to be displayed to school staff members upon entry to the school or students can display the confirmation email that will be sent within minutes of completing the screener.

    If screening reveals the presence of any symptoms or risks of exposure, students should not go to school.  Students who do not pass the screening process will not be allowed to physically enter the school building.  Parents will be notified to IMMEDIATELY to pick up their child from school if the child is not cleared to enter the building.  Parents should follow up with their physician, as well as call the school to report their child’s COVID-related symptoms.  A school representative will follow up with parents later in the day to determine their child’s readiness to return to school as quickly as possible.

    Please display the confirmation message or email upon entering the school.

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