Health Services at SHS

  • Our nurse provides health assistance to all Schaumburg H.S. students. Students may visit our school nurse’s office in room 109, located inside the main office hallway on the first floor.

    Vision and Hearing Screening

    School nurses conduct vision and hearing screenings for all freshmen, transfer students, and students receiving special education services. Most screenings are done in the fall of each school year. These screenings are not a substitute for a complete examination and evaluation by a doctor.

    Health Services

    A student who is ill may obtain a pass from a teacher and go to the nurse’s office. If the student must be sent home, a parent, guardian or other responsible adult must give permission through the nurse’s office for the student to leave school.

    No student who is ill may leave school without permission of the nurse.

    A student who is ill and absent from school due to a communicable disease must see the nurse before returning to classes. Some communicable diseases require a doctor’s release when the student returns to school.

    If a student is unable to participate in the regular physical education class for more than three days, the nurse must be given a medical excuse from a physician stating the nature and time limitation of the condition. A parent note is acceptable if the time out of class is three days or less.

    Medication in Schools

    Prescription and non-prescription medications will be given according to the High School District 211 medication policy. Signed authorization from the student’s physician and parent must be on file in the health services office. Only those medications which are necessary to maintain the student during school hours shall be administered by the school nurse.

    Medication must be brought to the school in the original package and given to the nurse. Medications will be stored in a secure area in the nurse’s office. At the end of the treatment regime, the parent will be responsible for removing any unused medication from the school. If not picked up by the end of the year, the school nurse will dispose of the medications. Township High School District 211 retains the right to reject requests for the administration of medication.