Academic Support

  • The faculty and staff at Hoffman Estates High School strive to provide academic support to all students, both inside and outside the classroom in order to enhance student success. While students are always encouraged to seek assistance from their academic teacher, a variety of resources are also available for students seeking additional supports.

Afternoon Academic Support for Students

  • As part of the Remote and Hybrid learning environment, Hoffman Estates High School has afternoons designated during the school week for student acadmic support. The afternoon sessions, scheduled from 1:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m., are provided to offer students the ability to access unique learning opportunities that the current ISBE restrictions may limit or prevent during their morning class time.

    Click here to access the Afternoon Academic Support web page


  • Students work with their counselors to develop personal academic plans based on their interests and goals. The counselors can also recommend other academic supports, based on the individual student's needs.

Study Halls

  • Students with a free block may be assigned to Study Hall where they can quietly do work, visit the Media Center, or seek other academic supports at Hoffman Estates High School.

Tutoring Center

  • Individual and small group tutoring is available throughout the school day. Students are able to drop in for extra support as needed to ensure academic success. Students are always encouraged to talk to their teachers about specific issues in their class.

Student Resources