Assistant Principal

  • Jeanette Ardell

    Jeanette Ardell



    Degrees and Certifications:
    Bachelors of Art in Psychology from Michigan State University
    Masters of Education in School Psychology from University of Massachusetts
    Masters of Science in Educational Administration from Northern Illinois University

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  • Background:
    School Psychologist (2002-2012)
    Dean of Students (2011-2012)
    District Lead Psychologist (2012-2016)
    Assistant Principal (2016-2021)
    Assistant Principal / Activities Director (2021-Present) 

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  • Duties:
    Activity Director
    Activity Fund Management
    Administrator of Special Events Programs: Coordinate and Facilitate Graduation, Prom, Senior Breakfast, Honors Convocation
    Building Safety Committee - develop and coordinate disaster and safety plans
    Conant High School Boosters Liaison
    Budget - develop and facilitate the capital, supply, operations and managements budgets
    Building and Grounds - develop and coordinate building construction projects and appearance - enhancement projects
    Building Rentals - coordinate and facilitate rental requests and assignments
    Chaperone Assignments - develop and facilitate supervisory assignments
    Co-Curriculum Management Evaluation Coordinator - direct and coordinate the evaluation process for the leadership team
    Evaluator: Media, Music and Science Departments
    School Improvement Coordinator - facilitate and develop departmental and school-wide curricular initiatives
    Support Staff - direct and supervise faculty and support staff; coordinate and facilitate staff expectations, duty assignments and evaluations
    Support Staff Payroll - implementation of district payroll procedures
    Title II Coordinator - coordinate and facilitate district/grant procedures, securing funding for staff development opportunities
    Title IX Investigator
    Transportation - coordinate and facilitate transportation guidelines and procedures for instructional and activity functions

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  • Administrative Assistant

    Vivian Nordmeyer -
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