• Wellness is a multi-dimensional discipline that promotes lifelong learning in the cognitive (intellect/literacy) and psychomotor (physical) and affective (social/emotional) domains. Philosophically, we look to encourage students to engage in opportunities that promote self-improvement, bolster self-esteem, communicate effectively, and learn to cooperate with others by valuing differences among their peers.

    Freshman Wellness is a co-educational structured program that aims to inform and inspire students to develop in the following areas:

    • Decision Making: Students will comprehend how to make decisions and understand the impact of making healthy decisions over the course of their lifetime.
    • Social/Emotional Learning: Students acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships while learning to communicate effectively with others.
    • Fitness: Students will know, apply, and perform the principles and components of health related fitness and regularly participate in physical activity for the purpose of sustaining or improving individual levels of health-related fitness.
    • Nutrition: Students will comprehend the relationship between nutrition and human performance and how one can impact the quality of their lives through diet.

Wellness Faculty

Driver Education Instructors

  • Boys Wellness Department Office: Room 98
    Department Phone: 847-755-3776

    Girls Wellness Department Office: Room 99
    Department Phone: 847-755-3778

    Department Chair Phone: 224-653-3369
    Athletic Director: 847-755-3770