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  • Student Services Staff

    Seeing a Counselor

    Students can easily make an appointment to see their counselor. Students can see one of our Guidance Secretaries, Mrs. Cadenas or Mrs. Dahlstrom in Student Services and they will make an appointment for you on your counselor’s calendar. Appointments should be made during a free or lunch period. Freshmen who schedule an appointment during their study hall will also need a pass from our secretaries after they have scheduled your appointment.

  • Counseling Services

    • Individual Counseling
    • Educational Planning
    • College/Career Planning
    • Consultation
    • Student Appraisal and Records
    • Guidance Cirriculum
    • Guidance/Counseling/Student Support Groups
  • Psychologist and Social Work Services

    • Members of Special Education
    • Evaluations
    • Individual and Group Counseling
    • Assist Students in Crisis
    • Support & Assistance
    • Consultations
    • Community Referrals
    • Liaison between hospitals, Outside Therapist, Community & School
  • Registrar/Assistant Registrar Services

    • Transcript Requests
    • Verify personal information
    • Record Test Scores
    • Maintain student records
    • Update student information