Health Education

  • Health Education is a required course for graduation by the Illinois State Board of Education. The course provides students with current health information which reflects physical, mental, emotional, and social health and well-being. Emphasis is placed on the development of healthy lifestyles which will provide students with the opportunity to achieve their full potential as human beings. It is recommended that the course be taken during the sophomore year. 

  • Health Education Department Office: 847-755-4781
    Health Education Department Chairman: Kelli Carleton 847-755-4351

Schoology Codes

  • Use these codes to access Ms. Carleton’s website in

    Period 2 - Access code: TDBPM-2SKT6
    period 3 - Access code: J5PHD-9HGQ5
    Period 4 - Access Code: NWD57-7ZZKF
    Period 6 - Access Code: VVKGX-DTZWM
    Period 7 - Access Code: MH892-7MCRG