Career Treks

  • Please visit the CRC to obtain a permission form for a Career Trek. Career Trek permission forms require both parent and teacher signature. Sign-ups are required for these Career Treks and often times there’s limited space so it will be on a first come first serve basis. Career Treks are promoted within the school via flyers, Schoology, Announcements and the Remind App. There is a yellow Career Interest folder at the CRC Career Advisor's desk with a sign-up sheet. Sign up if you have not already so that you can be contacted if a Trek in your category of interest becomes available. Additionally, a variety of speakers will be scheduled during the school year and promoted the same way. If you’re interested in a particular speaker, sign-ups will also be available at the Career Advisor's desk.

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Career Treks

Career Trek Date A/B Area of Interest
UPCOMING CAREER TREKS FOR 2020-2021 ------ -- ------
PAST CAREER TREKS DURING 2020-2021 ------ -- ------

Career Fairs

Event Date A/B Additional Information
UPCOMING JOB FAIRS FOR 2020-2021 ----- -- -----
PAST JOB FAIRS FOR 2020-2021 ----- -- -----

Career Trek Speakers

Speaker Date A/B Where/When
UPCOMING CAREER SPEAKERS FOR 2020-2021 ---- -- ----
PAST CAREER SPEAKERS FOR 2020-2021 ----- -- -----