Afternoon Academic Support

  • Township High School District 211 Afternoon Academic Support

    The purpose of the afternoon academic support time is to offer students the ability to access unique learning opportunities that our current ISBE restrictions may limit or prevent during their morning class time. Each District 211 academic department has developed learning experiences that support their curriculum. These experiences are offered through a sign-up system to ensure that social distancing and safety guidelines can be followed. Some afternoon options are more general in nature, including math tutoring labs, reading and writing support, or quiet study areas, while others are specific to courses that students are enrolled in. These specific offerings, which include the ability to complete experiments in science labs, or access to manufacturing equipment, are only available for students enrolled in the courses that include the specialized content.

    In order to access the afternoon support opportunities, students will need to sign-up using their school Schoology account.

    There are limitations on how many students can be present in each area due to social distancing, therefore students are encouraged to sign-up as early as possible for their preferred opportunity. Students can access District 211 transportation to the school building through a mid-day bus route that will run Monday through Friday. Because of staff professional learning opportunities, only quiet study areas will be offered Friday afternoons.

    While a complete list of afternoon academic support opportunities can be found using Schoology.

Daily Wellness Screening Survey - Afternoon Academics Support Options


Academic Supports at Conant

  • At Conant High School, we strive to provide academic support for all students, in order to enhance student success. While students are always encouraged to seek assistance from their academic teacher, a variety of resources are available for students seeking additional support.

    Team Room

    Students work with their counselor to develop a personal academic plan based on their interests and goals. The counselor can also recommend other academic supports as needed. Administrators, counselors, psychologists, social workers, and support staff work hand-in-hand to personalize a student's academic supports.

    General Study Hall

    All students with a free period are assigned a General Study Hall where they can quietly do work or seek other academic supports in the intervention hallway.


    Tutoring for various subjects is available throughout the school day. Students are able to drop in for extra support as needed to ensure academic success. The following table shows specific times and locations where these supports are available. Students are always encouraged to talk to their teachers about specific issues in their class.

Tutoring Schedule

  • Guided Study Hall

    Students may be assigned to a Guided Study Hall.  This study hall offers a smaller setting in which they may receive one-on-one guidance from a staff member. In addition, students will work to develop study, organizational, and other academic skills.

    Athletic Study Hall

    Student athletes may be assigned to a Guided Study Hall if their grades fall below the district standard. This study hall is designed to give your student athlete a quiet work environment and access to additional resources when needed.

    SAT Prep

    Students identified through our search process or requesting training for the SAT may be assigned to our SAT Prep program. There they will receive additional strategies and materials in a smaller setting tailored to improve their test preparation.

    AP Coaching

    Students participating in an AP course may be assigned to or request placement with an AP coach. Coaches are teachers of AP courses who guide students on improving their learning, organization, time management, and access to additional supports.

    Learning Support Team (LST)

    Each LST consists of an administrator, counselors, and psychologist/social worker, which provides one point for parents and students to access support services. This team format provides an opportunity for staff to collaborate and to address attendance, behavior, and academic issues quickly and efficiently.

    Not Sure Where to Begin?

    Students who may not know where to begin for support may visit their team room where a staff member can engage them and help to ascertain their unique needs.

    White Team Support Contact Information

    Red Team Support Contact Information

    Blue Team Support Contact Information