Mascot & Colors

  • Team Name: Saxon
    Team Mascot: Siegie Saxon
    Team Colors: Gold and Cardinal Red

Siegie Saxon

  • Siegie Saxon Graphic

Saxon Victory Song

  • Saxon Victory Song

    Fight on all you Saxons,
    Lead us on to victory tonight,
    Raise your voice to the highest,
    For the red, for the gold, we will fight.
    Keep your spirit forever,
    As we’ll cheer our alma mater dear.
    So keep fighting for Schaumburg
    For victory is near!
    Schaumburg High has got the stuff,
    We move, we fight, we’re really tough.
    With victory as our battle cry,
    We’ll go, we’ll fight, we’ll never die.
    Cheer the red, hail the gold,
    Come on Saxons, LET’S GO!!