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  • FHS Parking 2021-2022

    Welcome to Parking at William Fremd High School! The 2021-2022 school year is currently being planned as a traditional school year with a traditional eight-period day for Fremd High School.  With this return, we will also resume the Senior only parking lottery. Due to the very limited parking availability, Senior students will indicate a semester preference for parking. However, keep in mind this is a preference, NOT guarantee. Students should not count on parking both semesters. Senior students will only be guaranteed one semester of parking based on the lottery system. Our lottery system provides the maximum opportunity for students to park

    Few things to keep in mind when applying…

    When applying students will indicate a preference for the semester in which they would like to park, however this is NOT a guarantee. Students should not count on this preference nor plan on parking on campus both semesters. Applications must be submitted by July 22, 2021. If a student fails to apply we can not guarantee a senior spot for one semester. Students must use their D211 email when applying. If  you receive an error stating that you need to request access, a non D211 email is being utilized. For technology related assistance please contact our tech help desk at 847-755-2761. The cost for parking during the 2021-2022 school year will be $75 for one semester.  Parking passes must be paid in full prior to receiving.No student is allowed to park on campus unless the student received the parking permit from the Assistant Principal's Office.

    Link to form:

    William Fremd High School 2021-2022 Parking

    For additional questions or concerns, please contact Assistant Principal Allyson Baisden (847-755-2618).