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  • Welcome to Tech Help for Hybrid Classes.

    If you need Tech Help, send us an email to: or call: 847-755-4761 Also you can click on the icons below:

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  • I forgot how to login into something

    To view this information in PDF format click here

    Schaumburg High School Usernames, Passwords, and iPad Information Sheet

    Please check the information below on how to access the most used apps:


    • Your temporary iPad lock screen passcode is 1234. Change this passcode.
    • To change your passcode, do the following:
      • Go to your iPad home screen
      • Go to Settings
      • Go Touch ID & Passcode
      • Put in your passcode of 1234
      • Click “Change Passcode”
      • Put in your passcode of 1234 again
      • Then enter and confirm your new passcode

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    Use this login format to log into a district computer.

      • Your username is the first part of the Student email
      • Your password is your 6-digit student ID
        • Username: lastname1234
        • Password: ID#



    Use this login format to log into Infinite Campus at or by using the links on the Schaumburg High School Homepage ( You can use Infinite Campus to check your grades, schedule, and assignment due dates.

    • Username: 000(ID#)
    • Password: St010102 (Your password is your first initial uppercase and last initial lowercase followed by your birthdate.)


    Use this login format to log into your Student Google Account, which can be used for emailing teachers and fellow students. You can access Gmail by going to or by using the mail app on your school provided iPad (already configured for you).

    • Username:
    • Password: 000(ID#)


    Use this login format to log in to Schoology at or by using the Schoology app on your school provided iPad. Schoology is used by teachers, club sponsors, and coaches to share information relevant to

    the class/club/team as well as be used by teachers to assign and collect homework assignments digitally.

    • Username:
    • Password: 000(ID#)



    • Username:
    • Password: the four digits (1234) after your name in your email address



    log in using Google.


    • Username:
    • Password: ID#



    Looking to install other apps?

    Find the Self Service Icon and you will find all apps currently approved for your use!

  • I am having connectivity issues at home

    The internet is slow and I can't connect to anything

    Close all your apps, press and hold the Power and Home button at the same time, your screen will go black, keep holding until you see the apple logo. Then try to connect again. If it doesn't work, can other devices in your house go to a website?

    Still doesn't work?

    Go to settings --> WIFI --> (Select your connected network) --> Click on the little blue icon --> Select "Forget this Network".

    Connect again to your network, open your apps to see if you can connect.

    Still can't connect?

    Try resetting your home internet router (if possible). You can do this easily by unplugging it, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in.

    Try this if you still having issues...

    Your area may be experiencing an internet outage. If possible, come to the Schaumburg High School parking lot and you can connect to the school's WiFi until the issue is resolved.

    None of the solutions above worked?

    Make an appoinment to come in and see us.

  • I need to come in and see someone in Tech.


    Q: I have issues with my device or app but I can't stop by the Tech Department, can someone stop by my classroom/department to help me?

    A: Yes, send us an email to or call us at 847-755-4761 so we can help you over the phone or we can stop by your classroom/department to help you.

    Please mention your room number in your email or when you call us.

    Q: Can I visit the Tech Department at any time if I need support with my computer, tablet or app?

    A: Sorry, during hybrid classes everyone is required to schedule an appointment.

    Schedule an appoinment here.

    Q: How do I make an appointment

    A: On your iPad select a spot here.

    Confused about how to create a SignUp Genius account? This guide can help you.

  • My iPad needs to be updated... how do I do that?

    Always check that your iPad is up to date:

    Settings --> General --> Software Update


  • How do I...

    How to find my teachers Zoom link?

    • Look on your teachers Schoology page.
    • Go into the Infinite Campus app, and copy the Zoom link in your schedule and paste it into your Safari browser.

    How to Backup Notability:

    1. Open Notability.
    2. On the bottom left of the Notability home page, tap the Gear icon.
    3. Tap Auto-Backup.
    4. Tap Google Drive.
    5. In the next window will Sign in to continue to Notability. ...

    Allow access by tapping Allow.

    1. Back in Notability, there will now be a checkmark next to Google Drive to show your files are backed up.

    How to sign up for iPad insurance:

    Have your parents create an acccount on MySchoolBucks. They can get all the enrollment information in this sheet, check the plans inside in this guide, or they can directly sign up by login into MySchooBucks here.

    After school begins you need to schedule an appointment with Tech to verify if your iPad qualifies for insurance.

    How to get Facetime and iMessage:

    Complete All Levels of Digital Citizenship on Schoology

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