Science Olympiad Information

  • Science Olympiad is a team competition which tests knowledge of various science topics and engineering ability. We compete in four invitational tournaments and a regional tournament each year. Students compete in twenty-three different fields, falling into three main categories: Science Concepts and Knowledge, Science Processes and Thinking Skills, and Science Application and Technology. The events are either knowledge-based, hands-on problem solving, or engineering-based. Knowledge-based events generally have two participants taking a test or analyzing data. Hands-on events generally consist of two participants performing experiments or interacting with physical objects to achieve a goal. Engineering-based events have a team of two to three students who, following specific parameters, construct a device, and test the device in a prescribed way. Teams receive a score in each event, and medals are awarded according to score. Team standings are determined by a team's overall success in the 23 events.

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