Student Parking

  • Parking at FHS

    FHS Hybrid Parking 2020

    Seniors and Juniors may sign up for parking under the hybrid teaching model at William Fremd High School. We will be assigning spots based on team colors to allow for as many parking passes as possible, however we still cannot guarantee everyone a spot. Seniors will be given priority followed by Juniors. Sophomores and Freshman are not eligible for parking passes.

    Please note:

    • If you have selected to continue remote learning DO NOT SIGN UP for parking! 
    • Under the new guidelines issued by the board of education for this school year, there will be no cost for parking. 
    • Permits are non-transferable. Only the student granted the permit through William Fremd High School is allowed to possess and utilize the issued permit. Sharing , transferring, selling, or gifting a pass to any other student/person will result in immediate revocation of the pass.
    • Do not sign up for a permit if you have no intentions of using the permit and/or do not have a current drivers license, or vehicle to utilize the permit. Students cannot sell their permit. Permits are only valid if they are issued through William Fremd High School Assistant Principal Office. Permits displayed on unregistered vehicles will be confiscated.
    • If you drop a class for which you are allowed a parking pass, you will lose the parking pass for the semester in which you were granted the pass.
    • A violation of the parking rules provided to you at sign up, on the website or those included in the FHS Hybrid Parking Contract could result in a conference with our School Resource Officer and/or the loss of parking privileges.

    Apply Here!

    Students will need to use their D211 email when applying for a parking pass. If you see an error message stating you need to request access when applying, this would indicate you are signed in with a different google account and need to sign in with your school D211 account. For technical assistance please contact the help desk at 847-755-2761.

    Click here to apply for a parking pass.

    Applications will be reviewed and placed into a lottery. Students will be notified via email by October 26th if they have been selected for a parking spot. At this time the student and parent/guardian will be required to review, sign and submit the Hybrid Parking Permit Rules and Contract prior to receiving a parking permit.

    For additional questions or concerns please contact Assistant Principal Linda Serafini (847-755-2616).